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WORD, and welcome! I'm media darling and national treasure Helmut VonSchmidt, beloved by 10's of people! I am the whacky night guy and although I am the youngest member of the air staff I have been at KBER the longest, I know I am as confused as anyone!! I started here in July of 1992, and much like herpes I wont go away, no matter what kind of topical ointment is applied! If you haven't noticed I wioll go for the cheap vulgar laugh, proof that I have found my true calling, night time radio chimp!

Join meMonday through Friday evenings from6-10 for Helmut's Wide World of Sports (my look and retarded commentary on the days sports news), The Rock and Roll Buffet where I throw down a true buffet of rock new and old (it's not just a clever name kids), Mandatory Metallica (if I have to explain this one then you have issues), and lots of free poop (its freepoop from me to you). That's right I WILL bribe you to listen!

If you would like to chat with me for some reason, then hit my happy ass up

Text: HVS to 68255

Email: Helmut@KBER.com

Obviously I am a music freak and I would love to show some love to some bands and people you may not know!

Mofro- Out of Jacksonville Fla, bluesy rock band, they play here a few time of year, just amazing!!!!!

Clutch- Out of Maryland one of the tightest damn bands in the land!!!!

The Zutons- From the UK, bad ass and they have a hot sax player

Sugartooth - Not aroud anymore but were damn cool when they were

Flight Of The Conchords - Out of New Zealand, the video says it all!

Johnny Cash - The coolest man in all of music, EVER!!!!

I Mother Earth- From Canada eh! Canadians talk funny

Never Not Funny- Comedian Jimmy Pardo and producer Matt Belknap host this weekly podcast. Jimmy is hilarious andhas been heard many times right here on KBER during the Bob and Tom show!

You may also join myself and new co-host McNeil Saturday evenings at 6 for the Salt Lake Soundcheck, YOUR local music show! You can and will hear the likes of Downright Blue, Monarch, Super So Far, Royal Bliss, Spork, The Machinery Inside, Ayin (r.i.p.), Broke City, Medicine Circus,Thunderfist, and MANY more!

Bands if you would like to submit music,just snailmaila cdto:

Helmut c/o KBER 101

434 Bearcat Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115


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